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Bushfire Land-Use Planning & Development Reforms

Bushfire poses a serious threat to people, property, infrastructure and the environment in Western Australia and reducing our vulnerability to bushfire is a collective, whole-of-community responsibility. 

Bushfire land-use planning and development reforms, introduced in late 2015, aim to manage and reduce the risk of bushfire across the State.

The bushfire planning reforms require planning and/or building processes for new planning proposals, subdivision applications, and the development of new and other habitable buildings in bushfire prone areas, as shown on the Map of Bush Fire Prone Areas

The bushfire planning reforms only apply to new building and development. They are not retrospective so will not affect existing buildings or approved development. 

If you are proposing to build or develop in a designated bushfire prone area on the Map of Bush Fire Prone Areas then you may have additional bushfire planning and building requirements. 

For example:

  • If you are building a house in a designated bushfire prone area you will need to undertake a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment before you can commence development;

  • If you are proposing to build a house in an area of extreme bushfire risk (i.e BAL-40 or BAL- Flame Zone) you will need to obtain a development approval; or
  • If you want to subdivideyou will need to provide a BAL Contour Map that illustrates indicative BAL ratings across the entire site, with your subdivision application.  

You can find further information about the bushfire planning reforms and if they affect you by reading the Planning for Bushfire Prone Areas Fact Sheets.