Gift Register

Name of relevant person making disclosure Description of gift Name of person who made gift Address of person who made gift Date gift was received Estimated value of gift at time it was made Nature of relationship between relevant person and person who made gift
Peter Clarke 2 Tickets Hopman Cup Pat Walker - RAC Insurance 832 Wellington St, Perth,
WA 6000
7/1/2016 $300.00 Business Aquaintance
Peter Clarke Ticket to Western Derby Jonathan Seth

170 Railway Pde,
West Leederville, WA 6007

7/8/2016 $290.00 Manager Local Government Insurance Services 
Tracie Bishop Bottle of Will's Domain SSB Wessel Can Aardt Busselton Toyota 05/10/2016 $22.00 Customer/Client
Norm Steer Cycle Riding Jacket Brendan Morrison

PO Box 1692, Margaret River, WA 6285

 15/12/2016 $150.00 Event coordinator of Tour of Margaret River
Tony Dean Awards dinner tickets x 2  Ian Telfer 1/5 Turner Ave, Bentley WA 6102  20/01/2017  $300.00 Chairman of Forest Industries Federation WA 
Peter Clarke 2 x tickets to Jasper Jones premiere Katie Drummond Shire of Manjimup 25/02/2017 $100.00 Warren Blackwood Alliance of Councils Executive Officer (Collegue)
Louise Stokes 2 x VIP Sponsor Rally Tickets Forest Rally

15 Coates Avenue,

21/04/2017 $180.00 Business Acquaintance
Peter Clarke  CEO Networking Evening Anthony Quahe - Managing Principal Civic Legal 

Suite 2, 1 Havelock St, West Perth 

01/08/2017 $75.00 Shire of Nannup - Legal Representative 
Tony Dean Cocktail Party RAC (WA)

832 Wellington St, Perth 

02/11/2017 $50 State Wide Invite 
Tony Dean C.E.D.A Lunch, Meal & Panetta Cake  WALGA

170 Railway Road

06/12/2017 $225 Board Member of Walga
Peter Clarke 2 x Tickets to Hopman Cup  Mr Pat Walker, RAC INsurance

832 Wellington St, Perth

04/01/2018 $200 Business Acquaintance 
Tracie Bishop 2 x VIP Tickets to Quit Forest Rally 27/4/2018 John Gibbons - Quit Forest Rally

PO Box 7124 Applecross 6153

27/4/2018 $120 Shire of Nannup 
Louise Stokes 2 x VIP Tickets to Quit Forest Rally 27/4/2018 John Gibbons

PO Box 7124 Applecross 6153

27/4/2018 $120 Event Liaison Shire of Nannup
Robin Lorkiewicz Candle Di Jackson

3 Cedar Place, Woodlands 6008

27/4/2018 $30 Professional
Louise Stokes Gift Voucher to Pickle & O Linda Thompson

50 Valley Way

05/06/2018 $25 Work Experience - Shire of Nannup
Jane Buckland

1 x Truffle Butter, 1 x Pork Rillettes

Stephanie Cornu - The French Pantry

20 Thomas Rd, Nannup 

31/08/2018 $40 Professional/Business acquaintance
Jane Buckland


Steve Fraser - Sugar Mountain Electrical

2412 Balingup-Nannup Rd, Nannup

15/11/2018 $15 Professional/Business acquaintance