Published: Friday, 7 February 2020 at 10:34:59 AM

The Federal Government of Australia has identified the Shire of Nannup as one of 52 shires who have been effected by drought as a result of the rainfall data decline. To assist these communities support packages are being rolled out and the Shire of Nannup will now receive $1 million under the extended Drought Communities Programme.

This program is designed to deliver projects that will support the creation of jobs, boost tourism and enable construction of infrastructure that encourages people to stop in these small towns.

This economic development funding will help ensure our local community remains productive, helps to provide local employment and ensures local suppliers are in business. The Funding is targeted at local infrastructure and other activities that provide employment for people whose work opportunities have been impacted by drought.

This funding is to deliver projects that offer economic sustainability to the community of Nannup.

·         Bike Paths

·         Skate parks

·         Footpaths

·         Sporting Facilities

·         Libraries

·         Health Centres

·         Recreational Facilities

·         Roads

·         Community Centres


·         Showgrounds

·         Streetscape



Examples of local community infrastructure/facilities/spaces could include:

Example activities to repair, maintain, upgrade, construct and fit-out local community infrastructure/facilities/spaces could include:

·         Lighting upgrades or new lighting

·         Fencing around Facilities

·         Solar panels

·         Drinking fountains BBQs areas, park furniture, shelters

·         Sport and recreational facilities

·         Kitchen upgrades

·         Fixture and fittings

·         Foot path renewal and beautification

·         Purchase of vehicles and trailers for community transport services

·         Drainage and watering Systems

·         Improved disability access

·         Purchase of equipment


The Shire of Nannup would like to ask the community of Nannup what projects, the community, would like considered within this funding. Please note that the delivery of the projects needs to be complete by June 2021.  This includes planning of, tendering for and delivery.

Projects need to meet the following criteria:

  • Increase employment in regions for locals and/or farmers/contractors whose employment has been affected by the drought
  • Improve levels of economic activity in regions, into the long term and not just within construction phase
  • Increase productivity in regions
  • Enable better retention of businesses, services and facilities.
  • The project needs to be over $25,000

Submissions are to be no more than 250 words, and must be submitted electronically to To access the form please go to the Shire website or visit the Shire offices for a paper copy. All submissions need to be received by 4.00pm Thursday 12th of March 2020.

NB:  All projects must be ready to deliver immediately, projects with planning already implemented will have greater ability to reach completion within the timeframe available however, other projects may be considered.  All projects must meet the above criteria.

Please note, due to the time constraints, all considerations received will be considered by Council on behalf of the community to arrive at a final decision.  No public workshops will be scheduled.


For more information, please contact the Shire of Nannup Economic and Community Development Officer, Nicole Botica, on 9756 1018.



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