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Roadside Burning

Council fully supports road side burning by residents and brigades as long as the following policy guidelines are followed:

Policy BFC 2 Roadside Burning

  1. Authority to allow road-side burning on Council controlled road reserves shall rest with the area Fire Control Officer and the Chief Executive Officer, jointly,

  2. Initially, all requests for road-side burning should be directed to the area Fire Control Officer for the issue of permits, where appropriate,

  3. Fire Control Officers should then contact the Chief Executive Officer to obtain permission for the burn, and

  4. All necessary safety precautions are to be taken, including the placing of warning signs either end of the burn.

 Other important points to consider are:

  • notifying the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions,
  • notifying neighbours, 
  • raking around roadside trees to avoid them burning out and falling over the road,
  • smoke over roads which can create an extremely hazardous environment for road users,
  • requesting resource support from council which may be possible on occasions dependant on availability,
  • requesting brigade support to assist with the burn.