Welcome to the Shire of Nannup

Welcome to the Shire of Nannup

The Shire of Nannup encompasses the beautiful town of Nannup in the South West’s Blackwood Valley.

Nannup forms part of the renowned tourist drive throughout Balingup, Nannup and Bridgetown – one of the state’s best. 

Community Survey Results - Proposed Declared Pest Rate

The Blackwood Biosecurity Inc (BBI), is recognised under the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007(BAM Act) by the Minister for Regional Development, Agriculture and Food (the Minister) as a Recognised Biosecurity Group.  As such this group is entitled to apply to the Minister each year to impose a rate on land within the district for the purpose of declared pest management.  This is known as a Declared Pest Rate (DPR).  For the 2018/19 Financial Year the BBI are intending to make this application to the Minister which could see a flat rate of $40 per Gross Rental Value or a $50 per Unimproved Value imposed on the ratepayers of Nannup.   

Council became concerned with the lack of public consultation that appeared to have been undertaken by the BBI in regards to this levy within the Shire of Nannup.  This concern was also highlighted by community members, some of which presented to Council at the March 2018 meeting.  

The March Council meeting resulted in both a letter being sent to the Minister outlining Council’s concerns and a mail out/survey being sent to all ratepayers from the Shire of Nannup.  This mailout/survey was sent singularly, in that if one individual owned more than one property they would not receive multiple mailouts/surveys and so sway the results of the survey.  

The results of the survey are as follows:

Surveys Sent: 1,010
Surveys Returned: 459
Did not support a DPR introduction 74%
Supported a DPR introduction 26%

At the April 2018 Ordinary Shire Meeting Council resolved that: 

"as a result of responses received from ratepayers, (Council) follow through with the actions below: 

  1. Write to the Minister for Regional Development, Agriculture and Food, the Hon. Alannah MacTienan advising that the majority of ratepayers who responded to the survey within the Shire of Nannup do not wish to be be included within the mitigation program planned by the Blackwood Biosecurity Inc.
  1. Write to the Blackwood Biosecurity Inc. advising same.
  1. Publish the results of the survey within the local newspaper and post on the Shire of Nannup website alerting ratepayers to the outcome of the survey.

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