Fires and Emergencies

Restricted Burning Information

*Dates are subject to seasonal change. Any variation can be obtained from your area fire control officer or shire office and is made by consultation with the Chief Bushfire Control Officer.

Permits to burn are currently required. To obtain a permit please contact the Shire of Nannup or the Fire Control Officer of your local brigade.

Restricted Burning Information
7 November 2016
18 December 2016
19 December 2016
28 February 2017
1 March 2017
31 May 2017

Bush Fire Permit Conditions

  1. Permits to burn are required for the whole of the Restricted Burning Periods and can only be obtained from the Area Fire Control Officer.

  2. Any special Conditions imposed by the Fire Control Officer when issuing permits must be strictly adhered to.

  3. The permit holder shall give notice of his intention to burn to:
    • The Shire offices no later than on the day when the burning is taking place. Weekend burning must be notified by Friday at 4.00pm.
    • The owner or occupier of adjoining land.
    • The nearest Department of Conservation and Land Management office, if the land is situated within 3km of State Forest (phone CALM Kirup on (08) 9731 6232).

  4. PERIOD OF NOTICE to neighbours prior to burning cannot be more than 28 days or less than 4 days although lesser notice may be determined by mutual agreement of all neighbours.

  5. Your attention is drawn to items 5,6 and 7 printed on the back of the permit.

  6. All landowners and occupiers upon whose land a bushfire occurs have an obligation to assist each Area Fire Control Officer to compile a Fire Report form.

Roadside Burning

Council fully supports road side burning by residents and brigades as long as the following policy guidelines are followed:

Policy BFC 2 Roadside Burning

  1. Authority to allow road-side burning on Council controlled road reserves shall rest with the area Fire Control Officer and the Chief Executive Officer, jointly,

  2. Initially, all requests for road-side burning should be directed to the area Bush Fire Control Officer for the issue of permits, where appropriate,

  3. Fire Control Officers should then contact the Chief Executive Officer to obtain permission for the burn, and

  4. All necessary safety precautions are to be taken, including the placing of warning signs either end of the burn.

 Other important points to consider are:

  • notifying the Department of Parks and Wildlife,
  • notifying neighbours, 
  • raking around roadside trees to avoid them burning out and falling over the road,
  • smoke over roads which can create an extremely hazardous environment for road users,
  • requesting resource support from council which may be possible on occasions dependant on availability,
  • requesting brigade support to assist with the burn.

Fires and Emergencies

Major emergencies are an unfortunate fact of life and can come in many forms or types of hazard, including bushfire, flood, severe storm events and major road transport crashes.

For more information contact:

Community Emergency Services Officer
Ph: 08 9756 1018
Mobile: 0429 318 763

For more information please sumbit an enquiry here.

Application for suspension of Prohibited Burning period 

Application for suspension of Prohibited Burning period
Application for suspension of Prohibited Burning period Per application     $485.00

These times are subject to variation. If you intend to burn, it is your responsibility to ensure that the burning is done legally and safely. Please check with your Fire Control Officer before commencing any burning.

Local Emergency Management Arrangements

Animal Welfare Plan

In 2013 in conjunction with community groups and individuals, the Animal Welfare Plan was established to assist with the management and wellbeing of animals during and after an emergency.

If you are interested in assisting, can provide transport or a fenced area for domestic animals to be sheltered, please print off the form and return to the Shire of Nannup front office.

For more information please contact Louise Stokes on 9756 1018 or Nancy Tang on 9756 0669.

Emergency Contacts and Resources Guide

Click Here.

Bushfire Brigade Contacts

In case of a fire, please contact the following;

Bushfire Brigade Contacts
Rural Areas Bushfire Service-000 (see below)
Townsite Fire & Rescue - 000
State Forest & FPC Pine Plantations Kirup DPaW Office
9731 6232
WA Plantation Resources Plantations WAPRES 24hr Contact Centre
9777 2022

Click here to download the Firebreak Variation Form.

Fire Control Officers

Mark Scott Balingup Road 9756 0444
Geoff Wilson Carlotta 0427 561 097
Gerald Brown Cundinup 9756 2055
John Patman Darradup 9756 1514
Victor Lorkiewicz East Nannup 9756 1129
Carey Curtis Nannup Brook 9756 1474
Paul Lamers North Nannup 9756 1891
John Gaunt Peerabeelup 9776 2005
John Dunnet Scott River Jasper 9758 2238
Rob Bootsma Nannup Townsite 9756 1018

Click here to download the Fuel Hazard Reduction & Firebreak Notice.