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Eligible pensioners are entitled to receive a discount on their rates. The Shire shall determine the nature and extent of entitlement from details as at 1 July, in relation to ownership and occupation. Also a pro-rata rebate amount will be paid if a person becomes the holder of an eligible card type during the financial year which is effective from the date of registration. A deferral arrangement is also possible.

How do I apply for a concession?

The Water Corporation conduct a common rebate registration service on behalf of local government and the Corporation for eligible pensioners and seniors.

To register your entitlement for a rebate, you may apply over the phone by contacting the Water Corporation on telephone 1300 659 951 or online at watercorporation.com.au.

You can only claim a concession on your local government rates and Emergency Services Levy for one property in any one financial year, being the property owned and occupied on 1 July.

Change in circumstances

You must immediately advise Water Corporation by calling 1300 659 951 if your circumstances change at any time. For example, notification is required if:

  • you are issued with a new card or your card is cancelled or expires;
  • your original application details will change or have changed;
  • you sell or transfer an interest in all, or part, of your property or move to another address;
  • you or your spouse ceases occupation of the property; or
  • as a WA Seniors Card holder you become an eligible pensioner or the holder of a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.

For further information regarding pensioner rates concessions, please contact the Shire's Rates Department on (08) 9756 1018.