Audit Advisory Committee

The Audit Advisory Committee meets once a year with the date determined after the annual audit has been completed.

All minutes for the Audit Advisory Committee are attached to Ordinary Council Meeting agendas for endorsement. 

Terms of Reference 


The Council of the Shire of Nannup (hereinafter called “the Council”) hereby establishes a committee under the powers given in Section 5.8 of the Local Government Act 1995, such committee to be known as the Audit Advisory Committee (hereinafter called the “Committee”).


The Council appoints to the Committee those persons specified in section 6.0 herein.  Membership of the Committee shall, unless otherwise specified, be for a term ceasing on the third Saturday in October in the year the Council’s local government elections are held, after which time the Council may appoint members for a further term.


The Committee shall act for and on behalf of Council in accordance with provisions of the Local Government Act 1995, local laws and policies adopted from time to time by the Shire of Nannup.



    The objectives of the Committee will be to:

    • Review the Audit Management Report of the local authority.
    • Review the effectiveness of the Council’s governance arrangements.

    Duties and Responsibilities of the Committee

      The duties and responsibilities of the Committee will be to:

      4.1    (i) examine the report of the auditor prepared under section 7.9(1), and any report prepared under section 7.9(3) of the Local Government Act 1995 forwarded to it, and —

      (a)     determine if any matters raised by the report, or reports, require action to be taken by the local government; and

      (b)     recommend that appropriate action is taken in respect of those matters.

      4.2    Provide guidance and assistance to Council as to:

      (i)      its functions under Part 6 of the Act (Financial Management); and

      (ii)     the carrying out of its functions relating to other audits and other matters related to financial management.

      • Review the CEO’s report on the appropriateness and effectiveness of a local government’s systems and procedures in relation to —
      • risk management; and
      • internal control; and
      • legislative compliance.