The Local Government (Model Code of Conduct) Regulations 2021 bring into effect sections 48-51 of the Local Government Amendment Act 2019 by introducing a mandatory code of conduct for council members, committee members and candidates.

The Model Code Regulations provide for:

  • overarching principles to guide behaviour
  • behaviours which are managed by local governments
  • rules of conduct breaches which are considered by the Standards Panel.

The purpose of the Model Code is to guide decisions, actions and behaviours. It also recognises that there is a need for a separate code for council members, committee members and candidates to clearly reflect community expectations of behaviour and ensure consistency between local governments.

Each local government was previously required to develop their own code of conduct and manage behaviour in accordance with that code. These regulations replace these individual codes by introducing a Model Code that applies to all members and candidates. It also provides for a high-level process to deal with complaints to ensure a more consistent approach between local governments and across the sector. The intent of the Model Code is to address behaviour through education rather than sanctions.

If a council member does not comply with any action required by the local government following a breach of the Model Code, the local government may refer the matter to the Standards Panel as an alleged contravention of a rule of conduct. The Standards Panel has the authority to make binding decisions to resolve minor breaches.

Code of Conduct for Council Members, Committee Members & Candidates

Code of Conduct Breach Complaint Form

Code of Conduct for Employees

Complaint of a Minor Breach Form