Eligible pensioners are entitled to receive a discount on their rates. The Shire shall determine the nature and extent of entitlement from details as at 1 July, in relation to ownership and occupation. Also a pro-rata rebate amount will be paid if a person becomes the holder of an eligible card type during the financial year which is effective from the date of registration. A deferral arrangement is also possible.

For more information look below at the Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I apply for the concession?

Apply through the Water Corporation Website by following the link to ‘Concessions Applications’  at or by contacting Water Corporation on 1300 659 951.

An applicant should register their entitlement as soon as they receive their concession card.

Who notifies the Local Government? 

The Water Corporation will notify the relevant local government authority.

When will my Seniors or Pensioners Application apply?

Registration will take effect from the date that it is received by the Water Corporation.

Where can I find more detailed information about this? follow the links to Browse All Information & Services> Community Services> Grants and subsidies. Apply for a pensioners or seniors rebate. follow the links to Bill & account> Apply for a concession.

How much rebate am I entitled to?

Pensioners/Seniors Concession Scheme provides pensioners and seniors with a rebate or deferment of their rates charges and emergency services levy.

To qualify for a rebate, you must own and occupy your house as at 1 July each year. To own means an applicant must be the registered owner or co-owner of the property on the Certificate of Title.

And you must be a holder of a valid:

  • Pensioner Concession Card issued by Centrelink/Veterans Affair (50% rebate capped at $750); or
  • WA Seniors Card issued by the Office of Seniors Affairs AND a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (50% rebate capped at $750); or
  • State Concession Card (50% rebate capped at $750); or
  • WA Seniors Card only (25% rebate, capped at $100).

Can I claim a rebate for Rubbish Bin Collection or other Rubbish related fees?

No, Concession is only available to Rates and Emergency Services Levy (ESL).

Does my rebate follow my property ownership journey?

No, you must make a new application to obtain a concession for properties you have purchased and occupied as your primary place of residence on 1 July – as soon as you hold a valid concession card.

What if I own multiple properties and live at them all throughout various times of the year, can I claim a concession on all these properties?

No, you must choose which property you want the concession to apply – this is based on which property you declare as your primary place of residence on 1 July.

Does my spouse's concession status affect the concession available?

No, only one spouse needs to hold a concession card to be entitled to the full concession amount.

Am I eligible to get the concession if my rates are not paid in full by the end of the financial year?

No, a concession cannot be applied for where Rates and Charges on your account are not paid in full by 30 June.

I did not get my concession card until after 1 July, am I entitled to any rebate for the financial year?

Yes, if you occupied your property as your main residence at 1 July. You are entitled to a pro-rata rebate from the date you apply for your concession.

What if I am not on scheme water?

This factor is irrelevant as Water Corporation administer and manage all Senior/Pensioner Rates Rebate Applications, even Local Government Rates Rebate Applications.

What if my circumstances change?

Applicants must immediately advise the Water Corporation if they:

- are issued with a new card or their card is cancelled/expired

- have changed any of their details that were provided on the original registration

- sell or transfer an interest in all, or part, of the property or move to another address

- have a spouse who ceases occupation of the property or

- as a WA Seniors Card holder, become an eligible pensioner or the holder of a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.