Pay Your Rates

2023/2024 Rates Instalment Dates

Rates were issued on 14 September 2023. Annual rate payments are due on 19 October 2023.

The due dates for instalment payments are as follows:

ONE PAYMENT 19 October 2023
First Instalment 19 October 2023
Second Instalment 19 December 2023
Third Instalment 19 February 2024
Fourth Instalment 22 April 2024

Payments of rates via four instalments will result in the following:

  • Administration charge* - $5 per instalment
  • Instalment interest* - 5.5% * pensioner rates concession holders exempt.

Unpaid rates attract penalty rates of 7% p.a.

Pay Rates Online

This online facility allows payment of rates by MasterCard or Visa or Debit cards.

To pay your Rates online, click here.

Minimum Payment: $10. Maximum Payment: $10,000.

You will require the Biller Code – 6275 and your reference number.  This customer reference number can be found at the bottom of your rates notice.  It is ten digits long and begins with a 1.

For more information relating to the customer reference number please call this office or for general information relating to this payment method please call the BPoint Customer Hotline on 1300 276 468.

Rates Instalment Scheme

The following payment options are now available to ratepayers, provided that all arrears have been paid in full:

  • Option 1 - Payment in full by the due date.
  • Option 2 - Four instalments.

There will be an instalment charge applicable to Option 2. The additional amount will be detailed on your rate notice and will be incorporated into the instalment payments.

*Instalment scheme attracts a 5.5% per annum charge plus a $5 per instalment administration fee.

Special Payment Plan by Direct Debit

A direct debit facility allows you to make arrangements for an automatic periodic deduction from your bank account.

Direct debit can be set up as weekly, fortnightly, monthly, yearly or standard instalment dates.

If you have set one of these up in previous years there is no need to complete paperwork for forthcoming years.  The plans are set up in perpetuity and as such will continue until notification is received that you wish to cancel the plan. 

If you are already paying by this method, we will work out the yearly plan based around your chosen frequency of payments and your rate liability for the current financial year.  We will then send out a confirmation letter so that you are aware of the new commitment for this year.

If you would like to start a payment plan for the first time please contact the administration office and we will arrange to send out the paperwork required.  For any further information relating to this service please contact this office.