Dog Registration

You are required by law to register your dog. The following information sheet gives dog owners the necessary information to have their dog registered with the shire: Local Dog Law

Dog Ownership

Many people enjoy having a dog for companionship, security and having fun, but everyone who owns a dog must be aware of their responsibilities.

Being a responsible dog owner is about understanding your pet's needs and your responsibilities to the community.

Your dog's health, your children's safety, and your community wellbeing are largely dependent on you.

Barking Dogs

All dogs bark but some barking dogs become a nuisance. Excessive barking is one of the most disruptive neighbourhood issues and requires immediate attention. 

Nuisance barking is an offence. The on-the-spot fine for allowing your dog to bark persistently is $100. Rangers will respond to reported barking problems. Initially, the owner may receive a letter from the Shire to provide the owner with helpful advice. 

If you wish to make a complaint about a nuisance barking dog this must be made in writing to the Shire. All relevant information should be included such as:

  • the address where the dog lives
  • times and duration of barking
  • whether the matter has been discussed with the owner. 

A record of barking is to be kept by the complainant. The Shire will follow up on any complaints. Should a noise nuisance be proven, the owners of the dog are required to take the necessary action to alleviate the noise. 

Why do dogs bark?

Try to determine why your dog is barking. Dogs may bark because they are:

  • Hungry, thirsty, cold, hot, in needs of exercise, or perhaps sick or injured
  • Bored
  • Seeking attention
  • Threatened of protecting their territory

Check to see if your dog:

  • Has access to clean fresh water and adequate shelter
  • Has daily exercise and is not sick or injured
  • Is provided with marrow/brisket bones to chew several times a week. 


Excessive barking is more common with some breeds than others. Some breeds - such as cattle dogs, kelpies, border collies and German shepherds - were originally bred to work on farms and may have problems adjusting to a suburban backyard. You should carefully select a breed that is suitable for your lifestyle. Long walks on a lead may not be enough to keep some dogs occupied. They may become barkers through boredom and frustration. 

Ranger Services

The Shire of Nannup has a Ranger on staff who can be contacted through the Shire office on (08) 9756 1018.

For a list of animals currently impounded at the Shire, please see the Impounded Animals page.