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Welcome to the Shire of Nannup

The Shire of Nannup was founded in 1834. It covers an area of 2,953 square km and embraces the town of Nannup and the localities of  Barrabup, Biddelia, Carlotta, Cundinup, Darradup, East Nannup, Jalbarragup, Lake Jasper, Peerabeelup, Scott River East and Wheatley.

The Shire of Nannup is the second largest Shire in the South West Region with 149 kilometres of sealed and 387 kilometres of unsealed roads.

In general the population of 1262 (2011 census) is spread throughout the Shire district with about half of the population residing in the Nannup townsite. The word “Nannup” comes from the Noongar people and interprets as “stopping place”. The Shire of Nannup is bounded by the Shires of Augusta-Margaret River to the west, Manjimup to the south-east, Bridgetown-Greenbushes to the north-east, Donnybrook-Balingup to the north and the City of Busselton to the north-west. The Southern Ocean defines the southern boundary.

Public Health & Wellbeing Survey

During July and August 2021, the Shire of Nannup is asking for your help to create a Health & Wellbeing Plan for our Shire. We invite our community to fill out our online survey, which takes about 15 minutes.

We want to hear about what good health and wellbeing means to you, and any difficulties you face in achieving it. Your feedback will help us identify community needs so we can improve the health and wellbeing outcomes for all people who live, work and play in our Shire, both now and in the future.

To access the survey, please click on the picture below. Alternatively, if you would prefer not to complete your survey online, paper copies are available on the front counter at the Shire offices in Adam St, Nannup.

Are You Interested in the Future of the Shire of Nannup?

If you are, you now have an opportunity to comment on the draft Shire of Nannup Local Planning Scheme No. 4 (LPS4) by 1 October 2021.

The draft LPS4 is available at, at the Shire office and at the Western Australian Planning Commission’s (WAPC) Perth office (140 William Street, Perth).

Our Local Planning Scheme is the rulebook that sets out where subdivision can occur and the type of development that is possible in different areas. It can assist to maintain and enhance our natural and built environment and assist in job creation.

The LPS4, when gazetted, will be the Shire’s key statutory planning tool in guiding subdivision, controlling development/land use, and influencing economic development and conservation initiatives. Once LPS4 is gazetted, current Shire of Nannup Local Planning Scheme No. 3 will be revoked.

Submissions may be made by e-mail to or by writing to the Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Nannup, PO Box 11 Nannup WA 6275. A submission form is available here and at the Shire office.

Following the receipt of written comments, the Shire administration will review the submissions and associated issues and report back to Council. Following the Council’s decision, the WAPC will consider the submissions and will make a recommendation to the Minister for Planning. The Minister for Planning will make the final decision on LPS4.

Should you have any queries or wish to discuss matters relating to draft LPS4, please contact the Shire's Development Services Officer Jane Buckland on 9756 1018 or at

Don’t miss out in having your say.

The Shire looks forward to receiving your written comments by 1 October 2021.

David Taylor
Chief Executive Officer

It is highlighted that the draft Local Planning Scheme No. 4 (LPS4) maps and text are a draft. Given the draft status of LPS4, it is highlighted that investment or associated decisions should not be made given the final (gazetted) LPS4 is expected to be different to the draft advertised version.

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