Food Premises

All food businesses and community groups engaging in the sale or provision of food, are subject to the requirements of the Food Act 2008 and Food Regulations 2009. Namely, you will be required to complete a registration/notification process. The Act is the principle piece of legislation regulating the sale/provision of food in Western Australia and provides food safety regulation over the entire food supply chain; a paddock to plate approach. This represents a significant shift in the direction of food regulation and management within WA.

Register your food business

One of the critical requirements if you are selling prepared food to the public, is to register your food business by completing a registration/notification form and paying the relevant application fee. Once we receive your registration, it will be assessed and if compliant, a certificate of registration will be issued. You only need to register once, but you are required to notify the Shire of any changes since your original application.

An annual inspection fee is payable by food businesses and is determined based on the risk assigned to your business as noted on your Food Business Registration Certificate.

Registration with the Shire will also enable you to trade at Shire approved events/markets (with the event/market manager's approval).

Food Business Registration/Notification Form

Charitable community groups 

If your charitable organisation (such as a nursing home) or community group (such as a school canteen run by the P & C) is providing food to the public, you also need to complete the registration/notification form. Once you notify us, we'll assess your application and if compliant, issue a certificate of notification. You may be exempt from all or some of the fees.

Temporary stall permits

Trading other than at your registered premises or a Shire approved event/market requires a temporary stall permit. The permit is in addition to your registration/notification under the Act.

As an example, a mobile food van is required to register their food business and obtain a temporary stall permit in order to set up and trade.

Please note that all events within the Shire of Nannup have designated areas for food vans/stalls and trading outside of these areas will require you to obtain a Temporary Stall Permit prior to the event. If you are trading within an event precinct as specified by the event organiser, please download and complete the Event Food Stall Permit Application Form. If your food business is registered with another local government you will also need to pay the relevant application fee prior to the issue of your trading permit.

Temporary Stall Permit Application Form

Event Food Stall Permit Application Form

Preparing food at home

Preparing food in residential premises for sale/provision to the public, requires the approval of the Shire. You will need to complete the registration/notification form, pay the relevant application fee and ensure you comply with the Food Standards Code. For further information, refer to the above 'Register your food business'.

Shire approval for home food businesses, will only be given for foods that are not potentially hazardous. Potentially hazardous foods means food that is capable of supporting rapid growth of infectious or toxigenic micro-organism (e.g. raw or cooked meat, poultry, seafood, egg or dairy based products and cooked rice).

If the use of your home kitchen is a one-off for a fundraising event, you may wish to submit a temporary food stall application instead.

Constructing or renovating a food premises

If you are intending to build a new food premises, renovate an existing food premises or fit out an existing building to become a food premises, you will be required to submit details of the proposed premises to the Shire's Environmental Health Officer for approval (as well as obtain standard planning & building consents). Once your premises are complete, you will need to complete a registration/notification form prior to serving food. 

For any queries regarding the sale or provision of prepared food to the public, please contact the Shire's Environmental Health Officer on 9756 1018 or at