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Fires and Emergencies

Fuel Hazard Reduction and Firebreak Notice

Click here to download the Bushfire Risk Compliance Notice.
Click here to download the Bushfire Risk Compliance Notice Variation Form.

Restricted Burning Information

TOTAL FIRE BANS are set by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services and prohibit any activity that may start a fire.To find out if DFES have declared a Total Fire Ban, as well as to learn what you specifically can and can’t do during a Total Fire Ban, visit the DFES website or phone the DFES Total Fire Ban hotline on 133 337.*Dates are subject to seasonal change. Any variation to these dates is made in consultation with the Chief Bush Fire Control Officer and can be obtained from your area Fire Control Officer or the Shire Office.

To obtain a permit during the Restricted Burning Period please contact the Fire Control Officer of your local brigade or the Shire of Nannup office on (08) 9756 1018.

Restricted Burning Details
3 November to 17 December  18 December to 28 February  1 March to 14 May

Bushfire Brigade Contacts

Bushfire Brigade Details
Chief Bush Fire Control Officer Robin Mellema 9756 1156 or 0427 975 611
Deputy Chief Bush Fire Control Officer (North)

Mark Scott

9756 0444 or 0427 560 444

Deputy Chief Bush Fire Control Officer (South) Deputy on leave until 5th December
Balingup Road
Mark Scott
9756 0444 or 0427 560 444
Peter Hastie
0419 772 775
Gerald Brown
0428 562 055
FCO on leave until 5th December - contact Shire Community Emergency Services Officer or Ranger
9756 1018
East Nannup
Victor Lorkiewicz
9756 1129
Nannup Brook
Carey Curtis
9756 1474
Nannup Townsite
Shire of Nannup Community Emergency Services Officer or Ranger
9756 1018
North Nannup
Mike Vasey
9756 0921 or 0499 509 479
Pending - Contact Shire Community Emergency Services Officer or Ranger
9756 1018
Scott River/Jasper
Andrew McNab
0427 581 489

Bush Fire Permit Conditions

Permits to burn are required for the whole of the Restricted Burning Period and can only be obtained from your area Fire Control Officer.
How to apply for a permit

To obtain a permit during the Restricted Burning Period please contact the Fire Control Officer of your local brigade or the Shire of Nannup office on 9756 1018. Permits must be obtained before burning commences. 

Before you apply for a permit check the following

  • Do you have the ability to contain, control and extinguish your burn? This means you have suitable firefighting equipment onsite for the duration of the burn. If your burn escapes and causes damage, you may be liable for costs.
  • Ensure you have given notice to the neighbours (owners or occupiers of adjoining land). Period of notice to neighbours prior to burning cannot be more than 28 days or less than 4 days, although lesser notice may be determined by mutual agreement.

The Fire Control Officer will require the following information before issuing a permit:

  • The address of the property where it is proposed to conduct the burn
  • Details of three abled bodied persons who will be in attendance at the fire at all times whilst it is alight, including a contact phone number
  • Details of firefighting equipment that will be on site and confirmation it is in good working condition
  • If there are firebreaks installed at the property and if a fire appliance will have access to the site of the burn
  • What materials are to be burned, are they dry, and the size of the proposed burn.

Once the Permit is Issued, the permit holder shall give notice to burn to:

  • The Shire offices 9756 1018,
  • DFES Communications 1800 198 140, and
  • DBCA Busselton (08) 9752 5555 if within 3km of State Forest.  

Important Permit Information

All burning is prohibited and permits to burn are automatically suspended on days when the fire danger rating is High or above, or a Total Fire Ban or Harvest and Vehicle Movement Ban is declared.

Permits to burn are issued subject to certain conditions which are listed on the permit. Failure to comply with all of these conditions may result in a fine of $250. Any special conditions imposed by the Fire Control Officer when issuing permits must be strictly adhered to.

It is an offence to apply to another Brigade’s Fire Control Officer for a permit if your Brigade’s Fire Control Officer has refused you. Fire Control Officers’ ability to issue permits may vary in some instances. Please assist them by planning your permit requirements early. Fire Control Officers’ are not obligated to issue permits to burn and may provide advice on alternatives to burning. Abusing a Fire Control Officer for not issuing a permit will not be tolerated.

All landowners and occupiers upon whose land a bushfire occurs have an obligation to assist each area Fire Control Officer to compile a Fire Report form.

Roadside Burning

Council fully supports road side burning by residents and brigades as long as the following policy guidelines are followed:
Policy BFC 2 Roadside Burning
  1. Authority to allow road-side burning on Council controlled road reserves shall rest with the area Fire Control Officer and the Chief Executive Officer, jointly,

  2. Initially, all requests for road-side burning should be directed to the area Fire Control Officer for the issue of permits, where appropriate,

  3. Fire Control Officers should then contact the Chief Executive Officer to obtain permission for the burn, and

  4. All necessary safety precautions are to be taken, including the placing of warning signs either end of the burn.
 Other important points to consider are:
  • notifying the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions,
  • notifying neighbours, 
  • raking around roadside trees to avoid them burning out and falling over the road,
  • smoke over roads which can create an extremely hazardous environment for road users,
  • requesting resource support from council which may be possible on occasions dependant on availability,
  • requesting brigade support to assist with the burn.

Fires and Emergencies

Major emergencies are an unfortunate fact of life and can come in many forms or types of hazard, including bushfire, flood, severe storm events and major road transport crashes.

In case of a fire emergency Phone 000

For information on how to prepare your property for fires and other major emergencies contact:

Community Emergency Services Officer
Ph: 08 9756 1018

Mobile: 0437 077 169
Alternatively, you may submit an enquiry here.

Local Emergency Management Arrangements

Animal Welfare Plan
In 2013 in conjunction with community groups and individuals, the Animal Welfare Plan was established to assist with the management and wellbeing of animals during and after an emergency.
If you are interested in assisting, can provide transport or a fenced area for domestic animals to be sheltered, please print off the form and return to the Shire of Nannup front office.
For more information please contact the Shire office on 9756 1018 or Leigh Fletcher, the Acting Community Emergency Services Officer, on 0437 077 169.