Accommodation businesses catering for more than six people must register annually as a lodging house and comply with the Part 8 of the Shire's Health Local Law. Planning approval is also required. A lodging house is any establishment that accommodates more than six persons (excluding the family operating the business) and includes any number of accommodation buildings on a single lot. Lodging houses include motels that do not have a publican's general liquor licence, backpacker establishments, dwellings, chalets and rural workers accommodation buildings.

Application for Registration of a Lodging House

When a registered lodging house is sold, the new owner must notify the Shire using the form at the link below.

Notice of Change of Owner of a Lodging House

Short term holiday accommodation catering for six or less people is not classed as a lodging house and as such does not require registration as an accommodation business. However, planning approval is still required.

For more information on lodging houses, please call the Shire's Environmental Health Officer on 9756 1018.