Senior Housing Precinct

Published on Wednesday, 1 November 2023 at 9:44:40 AM

The Seniors Housing Precinct is now starting to take shape and has developed into the 4 following focus areas.

Community Housing
This category of housing is located on the Danjangerup Cottages lands and requires government eligibility testing to qualify (income and asset testing). Through consultation with the Department of Communities (State Government), the Shire has discovered that there is no current waiting list for people in need of community housing. This waiting list is what drives their community housing investment in Nannup. The Shire is aware of people in need and is therefore urgently facilitating the development of this waiting list. Without it, any housing that is built or becomes available in Nannup could be filled with people from outside Nannup per State Government Policy. If you are in need of community housing within the next 5 years, please register your interest with the Department of Communities at or via phone on 1800 176 888.
To support this category, the Shire is developing a Needs Assessment to support future funding applications to construct additional housing.

Private Housing
This category of housing is located in participating private land at lot 17 and 19 Adam Street and is suited to those who do not qualify for Community Housing and can purchase off the plan. Consultation is currently underway for this category and a site visit to Balingup Vintages is being organised for October for those that have registered their interest.

This category is for people who wish to simply downsize into privately owned lots of 300-400m2. The Shire is looking for private landowners who have appropriately zoned, flat land located close to town and are interested in subdividing. Please contact the Shire as we would like to support, or partner with you, to achieve these additional housing lots.

Working Party
There are multiple organisations and agencies working in the area of ageing population with a lack of cohesiveness and cross communication. The Shire is putting together an Aged Friendly Network in order to bring these organisations and agencies together. The aim of this is to improve cross communication and effectiveness of delivery of aged-friendly initiatives in Nannup.

Please contact either Louise Stokes or David Taylor at or (08) 9756 1018 if you have any queries on the above.

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