Water Supply During A Bushfire

Published on Thursday, 2 November 2023 at 9:00:00 AM

While leaving high-risk bushfires is the safest option, if you plan to stay and defend your home, you must have an INDEPENDENT water supply and pumping capability. This typically requires water tanks of at least 20,000 litres, pump and generator.

This is required as mains water supply and pressure cannot be guaranteed during a bushfire due to the risk of power cuts, fire damage and extreme demand.

Use the Department of Fire and Emergency Services resources to develop your personal bushfire plan: mybushfireplan.wa.gov.au. You can also download the My Bushfire Plan app via the App Store or Google Play to access your bushfire plan anytime - even without an internet connection.

To support bushfire plans, if you have groundwater bore access to surface water, you can take and store emergency water without it counting against your annual entitlement. For more information on this, and for the location of emergency bushfire water supplies in dryland agricultural areas, visit the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation website.

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