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Australia Day Celebrations 2024

Past Event

In suburbs and towns around the nations, Australians will come together on Australia Day to reflect, respect and celebrate the strength and spirit of their local communities.

Hundreds local community events will be held around the country on Australia Day 2023, with the National Australia Day Council providing funding to host over 400 events.

The Nannup Australia Day breakfast, hosted by the Shire of Nannup in collaboration with local businesses and the community, is encouraging community members to get together to reflect, respect and celebrate their local community.

Starting on the 25th of January, there will be an evening screening of the film "Bran Neu Dae" down at Foreshore Park, with thanks to the Nannup Cinema Club.

On the 26th of January, the Shire of Nannup's annual Australia Day Breakfast at Foreshore Park will once again cater breakfast for our community, with thanks to the cooking skills of the Nannup Lions.

Event Details

Venue: Foreshore Park, Nannup

Cost: FREE

Category: General

Type: General

Audience: All Ages


Contact: Annie Crutchlow / Nicole Botica

Organisation: Shire of Nannup

Position: Community Development Office

Phone: 08 9756 1018

Email: nannup@nannup.wa.gov.au

Website: www.nannup.wa.gov.au

Event Date(s)

  • Thursday 25th January 2024

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