Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades

Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades

The Nannup Shire is responsible for the Bush Fire Brigades that cover the Shire. These brigades are responsible for responding to house, shed and bush fires. Fire brigades also assist during other emergencies such as searches, storms and floods. All members are VOLUNTEERS. They are all busy people with families, just like you. They are prepared to drop everything at a moment’s notice to go and protect the community and other people just like you for no reward.

Being a member of the Bush Fire Brigade is not just about going and putting fires out. Community members who do not want to be on the front line, fighting the fire, can be members who provide support in other areas such as:

  • Maintaining the fire stations grounds (ie fences, gardens lawns and general maintenance),
  • Maintaining brigade equipment, making sure they are serviceable, clean and working,
  • Undertaking the role of Administrator,
  • Undertaking the role of Treasurer,
  • Fulfilling roles within the Incident Support Group,
  • Providing transport for fire fighters and/ or equipment,
  • Being involved in communications during fires, such as being a radio operator, phoning around for extra crews or equipment, or writing down what is happening at the incident
  • Catering for fire crews.

These members are classed as active members.

Time Commitment to the Bush Fire Brigade

Commitment is dependent on the individual as to how much they are prepared in ‘put in’ to the brigade, as well as what position you hold within the Brigade. Many members are quiet achievers, putting in several hours a week making sure that the brigade is at its best when there is a fire. The choice is up to you. By contacting the Brigade Captain they will be able to give you an insight into the many activities of a brigade.

The Nannup Shire values all volunteers and encourages the community to be actively involved in essential services such as these.


The Nannup Shire encourages all volunteers to complete an introductory training program prior to attending any emergency incidents. The emphasis of this training is to enhance volunteer safety and effectiveness. This training is provided free to anyone who wishes to attend.

During these courses you will learn skills in the following areas:

  • Safety and Survival
  • Wildfire Behaviour
  • Wildfire Suppression
  • Communications
  • Organisation and Chain of Command

These courses are subject to demand and are run throughout the year.

Please contact your Fire Control Officer or the Shire if you are interested.