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Planning influences where we live, what services are available and how the Shire of Nannup will develop in the years to come.

Most development of land, generally other than a single house, swimming pools and small sheds, within the Nannup Shire requires development approval. Proposed developments must comply with the Shire of Nannup Local Planning Scheme No.3 (LPS3).

Development approval is required for houses and sheds, for instance, if a LPS3 setback variation is proposed, the proposal varies from the provisions of the Residential Design Codes of Western Australia, or the site is within a floodway, heritage area or landscape protection area.

Development approval is also required for the erection of most advertising signs.

For more information on development within the Shire of Nannup contact:

Development Services Coordinator
Mon - Fri: 8.00am to 4:30pm
Ph: 08 9756 1018

Download a Development Application Form
Download a Sign Application Form (needs to be accompanied by a Development Application Form)

Current Planning Fees & Charges

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Local Planning Strategy

The Western Australian Planning Commission has recently endorsed the modified Local Planning Strategy. The endorsed modified Strategy is available at the following links and at the Shire office.

Local Planning Strategy 2018 (full document)

Local Planning Strategy - Sections 1-4
Local Planning Strategy - Sections 5-7
Local Planning Strategy - Sections 8-12
Local Planning Strategy - Endorsement Page

Local Planning Strategy - Location Plan
Local Planning Strategy - Strategy Plan North
Local Planning Strategy - Strategy Plan South
Local Planning Strategy - Strategy Plan Nannup Townsite & Surrounds
Local Planning Strategy - Precinct Plan

The Local Planning Strategy (2007) and the Nannup Townsite Strategy (2000) have been rescinded.

David Taylor
Chief Executive Officer
Shire of Nannup

17 December 2018

Local Planning Scheme No.3

Local governments are responsible for planning their local communities by ensuring appropriate planning controls exist for land use and development. 

Local planning schemes set out the way land is to be used and developed, classify areas for land use and include provisions to coordinate infrastructure and development within the local government area.

The Shire of Nannup Local Planning Scheme No.3 and associated Local Planning Policies can be found at the links below.

Local Planning Scheme No.3
Local Planning Policies

Residential Design Codes

The Residential Design Codes (the R-Codes) control the design of most residential development throughout Western Australia. The R-Codes aim to address emerging design trends, promote sustainability, improve clarity and highlight assessment pathways to facilitate better outcomes for residents. They are also used for the assessment of residential subdivision proposals and should be read with Development Control Policy 2.2 Residential Subdivision for this purpose.

The R-Codes Explanatory Guidelines and Practice Notes provide assistance on operation and interpretation of provisions. 

The R-Codes are administered and applied by local government, so all enquiries relating to specific development proposals (including the application and interpretation of provisions of the R-Codes to specific development proposals) should be directed to the Shire of Nannup.

State Planning Policy 7.3 - Residential Design Codes

Subdivision Applications

Subdivision or amalgamation applications are determined by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). However the Shire of Nannup has an important role in providing recommendations to the WAPC on subdivision or amalgamation applications.

For further information, the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage and the WAPC can be reached as follows:

Ph: (08) 9791 0577
Address: 6th Floor Bunbury Tower, 61 Victoria Street, Bunbury
Web: www.planning.wa.gov.au

Bushfire Land-Use Planning 

Bushfire poses a serious threat to people, property, infrastructure and the environment in Western Australia and reducing our vulnerability to bushfire is a collective, whole-of-community responsibility. 

Bushfire land-use planning and development reforms, introduced in late 2015, aim to manage and reduce the risk of bushfire across the State.

You can find further information about bushfire land-use planning on the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage website and at the following links:

If you require a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessment for your development, or if you need to have a Bushfire Management Plan or Bushfire Emergency Evacuation Plan prepared by a Bushfire Planning and Design (BPAD) Accredited Practitioner, please contact the Shire of Nannup to obtain contact details for local providers. 

A full list of BPAD Accredited Practitioners can be found at the following link https://connect.fpaa.com.au/Connect/Registers/BPAD_register.aspx